Exceptional Setting

Côte d’Azur

“Côte d’Azur” is the land of all sublimity, where sky and sea unite in an endless blue, it is the blessed land where generous sunlight exults the senses in profound warmth and boundless joy. This peaceful safe haven attracts artists in search of inspiration, immersing their soul and drawing out the rare sweetness of life.


A legendary destination for any dreamer in search of the mystical beauty of the “Côte d’Azur”, a city purely notorious for both international cultural events and the world’s most prestigious festivities, Cannes is a unique place that combines the quintessence of luxury with the picturesque Mediterranean in perfect harmony.

“Californie” district

From the high aristocracy of yesteryear, through the most illustrious artists to the timeless icons of film and cinema, the eminently renowned Californie district remains to this day a well-preserved treasure trove where renowned luminaries and people of influence reside.
Ideally located on the peaceful hill known as the “Billionaires’ Hill” where all architectural marvels of the French Riviera converge, this exceptional residential area is a garden of Eden suspended above the dazzling waters of Cannes.


Arriving to Perle d’Azur

La Perle d’Azur is a luxurious contemporary Californian-style villa nestled in the heart of an extraordinary plot of land which, like an amphitheatre of greenery, opens up to an infinite panorama.

As soon as the large gateway is opened, the curtain rises to reveal the discoveries and sensations that await all who cross the threshold. The sight is breath-taking.

After passing the caretaker’s house, a majestic, gently sloping driveway lined with cypress trees gives access to the primary parking area framed by a luxuriant olive grove and a charming little stone chapel.

The Little Chapel

The Chapel, due to its appearance, rarity and perfect state of preservation, is listed in the national register of historical monuments. Perched on its promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this authentic sanctuary remains delicately sheltered from the passing of time.

Perle d’Azur

Following the delicate melody of running water, omnipresent throughout due to the various basins adorning the Villa, one reaches a large, welcoming courtyard in the middle of which a fountain of marvellous modern beauty is enthroned.
The impressive and fabulous entrance hall is then revealed, rising up a powerful semblance of a glass cathedral which one can already make out, through its transparency, the surroundings of a spectacular swimming pool as well as the outline of a scintillating view. The tone is set, and one immediately perceives all the technical prowess that prevailed during the architectural design of the Perle d’Azur.

Consisting of three floors served by an interior lift, the Villa is of a distinguished elegance, resolutely futuristic, with slender and pure lines, and offers an extraordinary fluidity with regard to its imposing immensity.
On the upper floor, the terraces are protected by transparent safety glass railings that allow for an unobstructed view. The whole of the upper level is also topped by openwork awnings in order to filter the sunshine that floods the Villa all year round. A huge pergola elegantly adorns the splendid facade of an outdoor space with the most beautiful effect, while framing the marvellous infinity pool which, by its evocative reflection, pays a most beautiful tribute to the fantasy-touched view.

In contrast to its lightness and evident aesthetics, the Villa leaves to one’s imagination a plethora of open space teeming with possibility. For as soon as you step into the Perle d’Azur, you are immediately captivated by the sense of height and the generous living area of around 1250 m².The atmosphere inside is enchanting.
The quality of the noble materials and the top-of-the-range services and fittings never cease to amaze any guest, as they are presented one discovery after another: A private cinema, a spa with sauna, hammam and a magnificent indoor pool. Furthermore, a professional kitchen with equipment worthy of a restaurant, including a food elevator catering to every gourmet craving. Nothing is left to chance in visual satisfaction or comfort.

The land

The property is enriched by a plot of land with rare characteristics in this ultra-residential sector. With its 13’137 sqm, it is made up of nearly a hundred olive, pine, and palm trees, as well as endemic Mediterranean species including various citrus plants. Protected from the prevailing winds and practically flat, this vast plot of land has high trees on its boundaries, guaranteeing absolute peace and quiet as well as secured privacy. La Perle d’Azur’s only view is the open vastness of the horizon.


Garden level 480

Main Villa:

  • Entrance hall
  • Reception room with fireplace
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Guest toilet
  • Connecting room with double washbasin
  • 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms
  • Kitchen with dumbwaiter
  • Office
  • Wardrobe
  • Lift
  • Closed garage (6 car capacity)

Caretaker's house:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Toilet

Staff house:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet

First floor 435

Main Villa:

  • 2 Master Suites with their own bathroom and dressing room
  • 2 Bedrooms with their own bathroom and dressing room
  • Wardrobes and safety-deposit boxes
  • Terraces
  • Lift

Detached apartment:

  • 2 Bedrooms with their own bathroom and dressing room
  • 1 living room with garden access

Lower floor 335 

Wellness & leisure area:

  • Fitness room
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Hammam
  • Home Cinema room
  • Toilets
  • Lift

Technical rooms:

  • Professional kitchen with dumbwaiter
  • Cold room
  • Laundry room
  • Storage room
  • Electrical panel room
  • Pool machinery room
  • Boiler and plumbing room

Staff house extension:

  • Living room
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom


Marvellously oriented in front of this remarkable landscape stretching as far as the eye can see, the Villa Perle d’Azur enjoys an exceptional position on the prominent hills of Californie. This sumptuous property with its own unique aura is, and will undoubtedly remain, one of the most exclusive gems on the French Riviera.